3 Patients That Love Their Hearing Aids

The Full Time Wearer

The full time wearer can be described as a creature of habit that is intent on improving his quality of life. Typically, he will put his hearing aids on after he gets out of bed in the morning and won’t take them off until he goes to bed that night. So why does Mr. Wearer love his hearing aids? Because of his good habit of keeping his hearing aids in, he has accustomed to the sounds he was missing and doesn't want to miss those sounds ever again. Such things as the microwave beeping, the clock ticking, and the way his secretary clicks hear nails on the desk – not to mention clear speech understanding – are things he doesn't want to do without.

The Procrastinator

Everyone knows the procrastinator. He always shows up late, is the last one into the meeting, and he's at work late in the evening before a big deadline. He doesn’t do anything until he absolutely has to. So why does Mr. Procrastinator love his hearing aids? By the time he finally gets his hearing evaluated, he can’t hear thunder. When you put hearing aids on Mr. Procrastinator he says, “Wow, I can’t believe I waited so long. There was so much I was missing.” Simply put: He loves his hearing aids, because he can finally hear again.

The Professional

One thing all professional jobs have in common is that a person must be able to communicate effectively in order to meet and exceed the expectations of an employer, client, or patient. So for Mr. Professional it is extremely important to have use of all of his senses to the full. While hearing aids are not going to give him an advantage over colleagues who naturally hear well, it will give him back a tool that he has been missing. Why does Mr. Professional love his hearing aids? Inflections and mutterings are easy to miss. Hearing how something is said is as important for this professional as clearly hearing what was said.

Statistics and research mentioned are taken from the Better Hearing Institute. BHI is a not-for-profit corporation that educates the public about the neglected problem of hearing loss and what can be done about it. Find them at www.betterhearing.org.

Article Written By

Caleb Rhodes, HIS

Caleb Rhodes studied at Western Kentucky Technical and Community College and Parkland College in Champaign Illinois with a focus on hearing instrument sciences. He began assisting the hearing impaired in 2003 and is licensed as a hearing instrument specialist.