6 Ways You May Actually Improve at Your Job Due to Hearing Loss

Most people think of hearing loss putting a person at a disadvantage in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some situations in which a problem like this may actually make you better at your career. Let’s look at 6 benefits that can come from hearing problems in the workplace.

#1 Willing to Ask for Help

Most people in a work environment view asking for help as a sign of weakness. But being unwilling to ask for assistance when it is needed can actually hinder a person’s job performance. If your hearing loss has helped you grow accustomed to asking for help when it is genuinely required, you have a step up on your coworkers.

#2 You Learn to Work Harder to Compensate

One thing every employer wants and struggles to find is a hard worker. If you see yourself as being at a disadvantage due to hearing loss, it may move you to go the extra mile and work a little bit harder than everyone else at the office. This can make you an invaluable employee who is trusted by your boss.

#3 You Have to Be Creative

If suffering from hearing loss sometimes prevents you from being able to do something the same way as everybody else, it forces you to become more creative. That creativity can translate into innovation in the workplace. You may come up with a better way to do things simply because the usual way is a little tougher for you.

#4 Focus on Accuracy

Knowing that sometimes you are missing parts of conversations can make you want to be detail oriented. It becomes a way of compensating for potentially missing verbal instructions. You do precise work just to make sure you provide exactly what is needed.

#5 You’re a Solo Act and a Team Player

Struggling with hearing loss can cause a person to focus on being more self-sufficient. That makes you a valuable employee when you have to work on a project alone. However, it also teaches you to pay more attention to how you communicate with others. That can make a better team player. You learn to rely on team members to help you, and you do your best to help them out as well.

#6 You Become More Understanding

When you have some special needs yourself, it helps you to become more understanding of others. The patience that comes from dealing with your own struggles helps you to become more patient with your colleagues. This can benefit you in your relationships with coworkers, clients, friends, and family. It touches both the workplace and your personal life.

So before you consider yourself at a disadvantage in the workplace because you need to wear hearing aids, think about all the positive things that it allows you to bring to the table. You may end up being the best employee your boss has.


Statistics and research mentioned are taken from the Better Hearing Institute. BHI is a not-for-profit corporation that educates the public about the neglected problem of hearing loss and what can be done about it. Find them at www.betterhearing.org.


Article Written By

Caleb Rhodes, HIS

Caleb Rhodes studied at Western Kentucky Technical and Community College and Parkland College in Champaign Illinois with a focus on hearing instrument sciences. He began assisting the hearing impaired in 2003 and is licensed as a hearing instrument specialist.