Patient Testimonials

July 5, 2011

Thank you for your help fitting me with a set of your hearing aids on Friday July 1st. As we discussed one of my complaints was that I couldn’t hear or understand what was being said when I was in a noisy place (groups, restaurants, etc.). After leaving you we decided to put them to a test, so we went to Cracker Barrel, which is always noisy. I was amazed that I could hear my wife speak at a normal tone as well as sometimes hear what was said at the tables near us.

Rosiclare, IL

January 15, 2011

It was most kind of you to work with me so long on Thursday and Friday. Thanks. Just wanted you to know it really helped to better understand, too. Your efforts did work. I couldn’t hear enough with the open inserts and I put on the closed, you sent with me. It was amazing; I heard and talked much like I did in December! My friends and daughter noticed how plain I could speak on the phone. So, I just had to let you know, your patience and efforts did help and I’m very grateful.

Paducah, KY

March 19, 2007

My husband and I were in your office on march 16th and I want to thank you for your help in choosing new aids. Too often the consumer/customer is ready to complain if the service is not satisfactory. We were so impressed with the service we received and your knowledge in explaining our options that I wanted to let you know. My husband is satisfied with the behind-the-ear aids that you recommended. He does not seem to be having any problems so far. We will let you know if he decides to try the in-the-ear but at this time I think he is considering keeping what he has. Thanks again for all your help. You have made our life easier. Especially mine.

Benton, KY

October 20, 1992

I really do enjoy these aids. It is really hard to realize how much they have helped me. Especially understanding words in conversations that I missed before. Again may I say thanks to you for the wonderful help that you have given me.

Metropolis, IL

August 26, 2001

I wanted to thank you for the personal attention you give me when I had questions… These aids have been a blessing. I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard in ten years and most important I can now understand people with soft voices.

Anna, IL

March, 31, 1993

Your advertising does not emphasize enough the quality of your hearing aids. My husband has worn hearing aids for several years. The help he received was minimum and unsatisfactory... For the first time in years I do not have to shout to be heard and the radio or TV volume can be lowered tremendously. If the service continues, this hearing aid will be well worth the money.

West Paducah, KY

April 15, 1990

I continue to enjoy my hearing aid. I give sales pitches whenever I get the chance. Not long ago my sister bought two and she is enjoying life so much more. Have at least a couple more listening. It has been comfortable and fun doing business with you. I’ve always appreciated a sense of humor.

Kevil, KY

December 4, 2003

I am still so touched and so grateful by what you did to help me out Monday that I felt I must tell you so again.

Paducah, KY

March 2, 1993

The hearing aid has outperformed other aids I have previously purchased at substantially higher prices.

Mayfield, KY

June 12, 1988

I just had a happy surprise (when I received my repaired hearing aid that I thought I’d never see again!) After the maker refused to repair it – and then another repair service dismantled it. It was a basket case and although I hoped I could believe your ad – I was losing hope… It works like new, looks like new – is better than new. What ever can I say except thanks a lot!

Harrisburg, IL

February 14, 1995

I am writing this letter to let you know that I appreciate your excellent service and help in this matter. Yours is a top rate – first class company, and one I will be proud to deal with in the future, and inform people with hearing problems of what a great company you have. Thanks very much for your wonderful service, and keep up the good work.

Fredonia, KY

July 21, 1997
I can’t begin to tell you, just how much it means to me, to find that there are people in business in our country who still go one step beyond, providing service to their customers. In today’s world, you are indeed a rare commodity. Thank you.

Murray, KY

March 24, 1990

I am in receipt of your letter dated 3-21 and the ultimate generosity it conveyed. The note mailed to you regarding the loss of my hearing aid was not intended to embrace and liability to better hearing for my misfortune – I alone bore responsibility for it. When I walked into the house Friday after work, my wife handed me the letter, explaining, I want you to see what these hearing-aid people have gone and done. She said I just can’t believe it! They are beautiful! I asked what are you talking about? – She repeated, read their letter. Finally, I did and I do agree, you guys are special! Now-a-days, the odds are probably one-in-a-million, that this level of integrity could be found. We are greatly appreciative for your "wonderful-decision" We didn’t think it would be affordable to try another hearing aid, at least, not right away – but thanks to you, that feeling has changed.

Metropolis, IL

November 20, 1989

The hearing aid is most comfortable now and with a minimum of volume I find conversations are clear and there is very little difficulty hearing and understanding what people are saying. There is no annoying background noise nor any constant high frequency noise to bother me. I find that in noisy places the noise is not troublesome and when a child, as they do in restaurants emit loud shrieks, they are not bothersome either. I have had a pair of Beltone hearing aids. By the end of the day it became a problem to be able to single out the person one wanted to listen to in a crowd and finally I had to take them off because they were so annoying to me. They then started to fail to work. After returning them for repair and after explaining my problem to Beltone, I put the hearing aids in the drawer and left them there. I bought one Miracle Ear hearing aid. It did better than the Beltone, but has the problem of feedback if the volume was turned up to make it effective. This condition existed from day one on the thing. I called the guy back a few times to try to correct it. It was made from an ear mold but is not tight enough. I am enlarging the part that goes into the ear canal to make it seal better. I have too much money in it to throw it away yet. It is a bit better, using it with the one I got from you though I wish I had two of yours.

Paducah, KY

February 25, 2008

As I walked to your office I found very peaceful surroundings. It is as if I walked into another world. Thank you for your help. I’ll send you all the business I can.

Buncombe, IL

May 14, 2009
My husband loves his hearing aids, he has from day one. He said to me coming home, I can hear the signal light for the first time. We have a bird clock and when it chimed he said I have never heard the birds sing before. But the best was when I was pouring him a glass of Pepsi Cola; he said I can hear the fizz. We have several friends who have hearing aids and no one of them can wear them. Thank you so much, we are satisfied customers and we have been since the first day.

Eddyville, KY

July 22, 2004
I have worn hearing aids for the last 15 years and tried other digital aids but none compared to this one and the cost saving is really nice. It is outrageous the way some of the hearing aid people charge.

Golconda, IL